Friday, 7 August 2015

How To Be Happy?

Dear Lovelies
Today on the Blog a very Important Question: How to be Happy?
How The Happiness Planner Can Help for you To Be More Happy and Positive?
Here are few simple steps what i do follow and i think its very important! I am very Happy to Share with you my tips and advices:)
We all have Stress,Worry, in our Life but the most important to focus on what we Want, not What we Don't!
Don't talk about Negative things about your life and about others, if you do, you getting more of what you are talking about. Forget it:)
Focus on your Dreams, Do what makes You Happy and Be Thankful for Everything, Yes for Everything! Even if happens something "bad" Try to See, what you can learn from that Lesson and later you will understand that Everything At The End Will work out for your Advantage!
Ghandi Says: "Live as if you were to Die Tomorrow. Learn as if You Will Live Forever.
For me this Means that each day i do my Best, and i am Thankful for that day and for all the opportunities what that day can bring me. I give Love and i am Open to receive Everything what that Day brings me. At the End of the Day, i am thankful for the next day:)
Start your Morning with counting all the things for what are you THANKFUL, or start it now, DON'T wait till morning, write down now 10 things, or more, for what you are Thankful:)
After read them all and I am sure you will be so impressed for all the things what you already have:)
I start my day with this Routine and trust me you will feel much Better and more Positive:)
Try to Listen Relaxing Meditations, My Fav is Paul Santisi, he is the Best, He has Amazing Meditations :) His youtube channel Amazing:)
Do yoga, or sometimes just stop and take a deep breath in through your nose and out from your mouth, 3-4 times:) It Works, you will feel more calm and relaxed just after breathing!
I know, i know, now you think: But where do i have time for all this?
You can, trust me, daily 30 minute meditation or more if you can and this morning routine will change your LIFE:)
Believe in yourself and Be Thankful what you Have because you have already everything within, what can make you the Most Happiest Person in the World.
I am so impressed with The Happiness Planner, amazing Idea, what helps you To be more Happy and Positive:)
This Small Planner helps you to plan your life in a way that makes your days filled with Joy,Love and Smiles:)
Helps you move on from the Past and Live in the Present, Brings you more Joy, inner Piece, Love, Inspiration,Passion.
The Happiness Planner have 3 section you can see here:

Here are few important Steps what I think is the Most important in our Life's
1. Be Thankful
2. Write down daily for what are you Thankful
3. Live in Present
4. Love Yourself,Love others
5. Don't Worry about ... At the End Everything will Be Fine:)
6. See the Positive in Every situation
7. Never Compare Yourself to Others
8. You Create your Own Luck
9. Be Open To Receive
10. Ask, Believe, Receive
11. Help to Others
12. Do everything with your Heart
13. Give, Give, Give
14. Say Often:Thank you
15. Hug
16. Be Happy Now, cause You Have Everything within what can make you The Happiest Person in the World:)
I hope you Enjoyed and I helped you To see things in a Different View:)
Please Comment your Tips, Ideas I would be more than Happy to Read what makes YOU HAPPY:)
Love Open Kloset
"True Beauty Comes From Within"

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