Monday, 14 September 2015

Eat Drink Love ....Fashion

Dear Lovelies
Today I would Like to show you a very Special place, Pepper Bistro, where we Made Photo-Shootings featuring Jolly Chic Dresses:)
The Place Is not Just Pretty but you Can Eat here very Tasty food:)

Pepper Bistro is very Beautiful Place, has Romantic-Vintage Style, with Pretty Decoration, with always Fresh Flowers. I Love that the Place has a Positive Vibe and When i go there I really Feel like I am Home. Ines Colaço, the Owner and the Chef made a Simple Menu with Super Tasty Dishes. I like Simple Not too long Menu, its easier to Choose and nobody needs to wait half hour till i Decide:)
The Food is always very Good and my Favorite is the Brunch, They Have every Saturday:)
You Can taste plenty different type of dishes its really soo Good:)

If you see the photos, you can see well why we Choosed Pepper Bistro for The Shootings.
The Dresses are More Elegant, Pretty Style How Pepper Bistro.
I loved Jolly Chic Dresses, Good Quality,The Materials has nice Touch and Everything is Soo Comfortable:)
The Sheer Cobalt Blue Dress is so Romantic and Pretty:) Nowadays sheer is Very Fashionable:)
The Elegant long Sleeve One i liked too, so Feminim and Chic.
The Mint Dress with Black Lace was my Favorite, I liked the Cut so much and The Dress is so Fresh:)
Bistro:Pepper Bistro 

Patchwork Sheer Short Sleeve Lace Dress: 
Delicate Fold Over Collar Lace Asymmetrical Dress : 
V Neckline Long Sleeve Draped Womens Dress:


Hailey & Paige Middleton said...

You look so gorgeous, my sweet friend! Those dresses are beautiful -- everything is perfect! XO


Jenessa Sheffield said...


Ines said...

Babe after having seen this I'm hungry!!!!! Haha!!
Love everything and you look stunning!!!!! Kisses!!!!

pinkqueen said...

Fabulous dress! Love this look!

Violet Roots said...

Once I read the word "brunch" I was sold! There is nothing better than going to a nice brunch place with a good group of friends, ordering tasty bites and dishing about whatever went on during the week. Lovely dresses too!