Tuesday, 28 June 2016

YLLO:Turmeric Scrub

Dear Lovelies

Today I will show a very nice Product, a TURMERIC Scrub, YLLO, which, i was testing and i had Amazing Results and Experience.

After Using it , my Skin was much more  healthier, softer and because of the Lemon oil, Smells Sooo Good:)

But first, What is exactly TURMERIC and why it is sooo Good for our Skin?

TURMERIC is a super-spice and it was used before South Asian weddings to help the bride and groom feel Confident and Beautiful by eradicating blemishes and evening out the skin.

This Magic Scrub:

Reduces Acne and Rosacea

Fades acne Scarring
Evens out Skin tone
Controls oily skin
Keeps skin: Youm, Tight, Soft and Vibrant
Reduces fine lines and wrinlkes

TURMERIC Scrub Ingredients:

Chickpea Flour, Sea Salt, Cane Sugar, Cold-pressed Coconut oil, Vitamin E and essential Lemon oil, Thanks to these important ingredients, after using this Magic Scrub, your Skin will be much more Healthier, Hydrated, Softer and smells sooo good thank to the Essential Lemon oil:)

The Scrub is Vegan and Gluten Free.

Love this Product and 100% Recommend:)

Love Open Kloset
"True Beauty Comes From Within"

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