Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Costes Downtown:Michelin Starred Restaurant

Dear Lovelies,

Last November I Visisted a very Nice Place in Budapest, Costes Downtown Michelin Starred Restaurant, located in the Elegant Prestige Hotel , the Chef is Tiago Sabarigo, he runs the kitchen under the professional supervision of Portuguese Chef of Costes, Miguel Rocha Viera

I loved Everything and you can check  here my Full Review about my First Visit:

I was sure that, on my return to Budapest, Costes Downtown would be again on my List.
So,  End of March we Went again to Budapest, and to Costes Downtown as well.

The Restaurant is Beautiful, I loved the Design of the Decoration, Furniture, Comfortable Spanish nutwood Chairs,Tables, Hanging Garden wall, Hungarian Paintings, Amazing Show Kitchen.

The Chef, Tiago Sabarigo, Preapared us a Tasting menu, I was super excited about the Dishes.
The Goose Liver Terrine Was Fantastic and I really Loved the Small details about the Dishes.

The Risotto Dish with Mascarpone and  Courgette was So Creamy and Tasty, I love Risotto sooo much and this one Was Like Heaven:) 

The Fish Dishes were Very Good too, Light, Fresh, Crispy Veggies,Excellent,The Fishes perfectly done:)

The Meat Dish I just tasted but It was so Good, the super Tender Meat, the Green Asparagus,Veggies, It was a very Nice combination:)

We Tasted 4 Desserts:)
This Cheesecake Cream Dessert was very Fresh and Light, I loved it:) 

The Chocolate Ball Dessert was so Interesting, They put hot Choco over it and it starts to  Melt, and inside was so creamy. This dessert was very very Special.

The Pink Punch Dream Cake was Very Cute, inside some cream, I Never had Punch cake, and I loved the flavours.

The Last Dessert was a Beautiful Carrot Cake, with Flowers, Carrots it looked like a Sweet Garden:)
It was a surprise Dessert from the Chef:)

Everything was sooo Delicious, I am always Amazed by The Dishes because they're always So Creative, Tasty, Freash, everything is in Balance. 
Costes Downtown is a Restaurant where you can have Very Special Experience.
At the End we had a Chance to talk with the Chef Tiago Sabarigo,he´s an Excellent Portuguese Chef.
We would like to thank to him our Special Tasting menu, it´s always such a Pleasure to Visit Costes Downtown and One thing is sure, if you ever Visit Budapest, Costes Downtown is a Place where you will have Memorable And Amazing Time:)

Enjoy The Photos
Love Open Kloset By Karina
"True Beauty Comes FRom Within"

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