Saturday, 15 April 2017

La Perle Noire Restaurant

Dear Lovelies,

Last Year when I visited La Perle Noire Restaurant I was sure that I would come back for sure.
Why? I have many Reasons but the most Important is that, after leaving The Restaurant, I always had a Feeling that I missed it already and I would want to Try more and more Dishes.
You can check here my First Review:

I had a Fantastic Lunch with My Mum, Sister and my Hubby at La Perle Noire.
What I love about this Restaurant is that They are always so Creative. 
The Dishes are very Fresh,
Interesting and Made with Love. Besides of the Excellent Dishes the Restaurant is Beautiful and has a very Elegant Charm.

For Starters We Tasted:
Chicken Mousseline with Pickled Vegetables, It was such a Good Combination with some Fresh Homemade Bread:)

The Cauliflower Veloute St Albary
(Cheese) Hazelnut was one of my Favourite:)
The Cheese with the Sweet Hazelnut Cream and the Cauliflower was a beautiful Combination, I was sooo Surprised:)

The Fresh Oysters on ice with Shallot and Yuzu Sauce was very Fresh:) I prefer the Oysters just with Lemon but this Combination is very Good as well.

For Main I had the Duck Confit with HomeMade Gnocchi and Cabbages, The Duck was so Tender and Tasty:) The Gnocchi was so Delicious and perfect with the Duck:) 

The other Main Dish was The Veal Tenderloin with Chard, Carrot and Avocado.
The Meat was So Perfect, I just tasted a bit this Dish but it was Fantastic:)

For Desserts we had the "Pancake with Curd and Dill" it was sooo Good, Amazing Flavours.

The Chocolate and Peanut Dessert with Caramell was my Favourite, so Beautiful and Tasty.

We had such a Sweet Time at La Perle Noire, The Dishes were Fantastic as Always, The Service Super Kind and Helpful. 
If you ever Visit Budapest, Don't miss La Perle Noire because You'll have such a Memorable Experience, I promise You'll Love it:)

We would Like to thank La Perle Noire Restaurant for our Amazing Lunch and Szilvia for her kind attention:) 

Enjoy the Photos
Love Open Kloset By Karina
"True Beauty Comes From Within"

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