Monday, 24 April 2017

Vár:Speiz Restaurant

Dear Lovelies,

Today I will show you our Experience at : Speiz Restaurant where we had such a Lovely Lunch:)
The Restaurant is located in the heart of the Castle district, on Hess András square
and was completely renewed in January of  2016. The outcome is a really fresh, Eclectic Colorful place, characterized by stirring Atmosphere and pleasant cosy elegance.

The Design of the Restaurant very Sweet with Lovely Decorations.

The Cuisine led by Árpád Kovács uses French technology although it presents dishes with Hungarian roots in an authentic and exciting way.
For Starter We Tasted The "GOOSE FOIE GRAS TERRINE ,FOAM with baby carrot, Rhubarb compote"

It was sooo Good, You know that I am obsesed with Foie Gras:) The Rhubarb combination was so Perfect:)

The Other starter was The ROOSTER CONSOMME with breaded-stuffed Foie Gras Fritatten, this Soup was So Fantastic, And the Foie Gras Fritatten was sooo Interesting and Delicious:) Very Nice Dish:)

The Main Dish I had "LEG OF DUCK "with Summer squash , Cottage cheese Gnocchi, Celery Puree. It was like Heaven, The homemade Gnocchi was very Special and Different what I used to have:) The Duck was Perfect, So Soft and Juicy:) It was such a Nice Combination:)

My Hubby had the "TENDERLOIN STEAK IN BUDAPEST STYLE" but with Homemade Gnocchi it was so Good, he was very obsessed with the Meat, it was so Perfect:) I tasted as well, it was very Delicious:)

For Dessert I had the "POPCORN PASTRY" with Sichuan Pepper-Carrot ice cream, Meringue, Amaranth. It was a very Nice dessert and the Cream was so Delicious:)

The other Dessert was the "LEMON TARTE" with Strawberry-vanilla ice cream, the Tarte was so Fluffy and Tasty:) Loved very much as well:)

You can check here the Full Menu:

We had such a Nice Lunch at Speiz Restaurant, The Service was very Kind, The Dishes were very Uniqe,Sooo Good Flavours and Combinations.
We will come back for sure to Try out more Fantastic Dishes:)
We would Like to thank to Speiz Restaurant our Sweet Lunch:)
Special thank to Szauer Judit for her Amazing Gastro Suggestions, she is the Best:)

Enjoy the Photos
Love Open Kloset By Karina
"True Beauty Comes From Within"

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