Embroidered Lace Dresses from VIPme

Dear Lovelies,

One Of my Favourite Trend in this Year,is Embroidery.
Embroidered Bags,Shirts,Jackets,Boots, Just Loveee:)
And one of my Favourite in this year, Embroidered Dresses.
Today I will show you 2 Beautiful Butterfly Lace Embroidered Dress from www.vipme.com

I already wrote a Review about VIPme, here you can check it: 


What I really Love about VIPme is that the Quality is Amazing and they have very very Unique Pieces. If I Shop Online, these are the most Important for me.

VIPme is a Female Fashion website, a Platform that Empowers Women to Highlight Self-awareness and to Cherish the 
"Inner Me"

Here is A Non-Comercial Video  called I AM #UniquelyME to help you learn more about VIPme: The Video

Here are the Dresses:

The First Is a White Embroidery Mesh Sheer Maxi Dress

Love Everything about this Dress, The Butterfly Details are Beautiful and so Romantic.

The Material is very Soft and I felt very comfortable wearing it. The Size Guide was Correct so the Dress fits me Perfectly
I was Very Happy with this Dress and especially with the Quality.
What do you think about this White Embroidery Mesh Sheer Maxi Dress?

You can Check here:The White Embroidery Mesh Sheer Maxi Dress it's 63% Off:)
You Can Use Karina559 to get 5$ OFF on orders over 50$ at www.vipme.com

The Second Is a Blue Embroidery Butterfly Mesh Evening Dress
Similar Style and Cut to the First one, but The Blue Butterfly Details Make a Different Style.
This Dress follows more your Body Shape and I think that it's a Bit More Elegant as well.
I love Both Dresses and to be Honest I Can't Choose which I like the most, maybe the First one Feels a bit "More Casual"

You can Check here:The Blue Embroidery Butterfly Mesh Evening Dress, it's 44% Off:)
You Can Use Karina559 to get 5$ OFF on orders over 50$ at www.vipme.com

I hope You Like the Photos and let me know, Which Style is Your Favourite?

I do recommend 100% www.vipme.com 
I am Totally Happy with my Embroidered Dresses, the Quality is Top,Fast Safe Shipping,The Prices are really Good.
Now Both Dresses are on Sale, and if you have any Questions they are very helpful:)

You Can Use Karina559 to get More 5$ OFF on orders over 50$ at www.vipme.com

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