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My Special Stay at Pest-Buda Hotel

Dear Lovelies,

Today I will show you Pest-Buda Hotel and my Sweet Experience. This Hotel was my last Destination in Budapest and after we went with my Family to Poland, for my Cousin's Wedding.

Few Interesting Info About the Hotel:

The country's oldest hotel in the Castle District, Pest- Buda opened its doors firts in 1696. A Stylish Boutique Hotel with a typical Hungarian restaurant, that is situated in the historical site of Budapest, really close to downtown- in one of the most Beautiful part of the Castle District.


The Pest-Buda Hotel in the heart of the Castle District, situated in the calm Street Fortuna, only a couple of steps away from the spectacular sight of the city, Mathias Church.

On the top floor, 2 atelier suits take place, with a glass wall from top to bottom, an exposed tub, a huge walk-in shower and the original baroque roofing. 


After the takeover of the builing in the Castle District, the Zsidai family rekindled the old Pest-Buda. Through attentive planning, an intimate, family atmosphere in the building was created. Its appearence changed, but with sticking to the traditions, the Hungarian Kitchen stayed: the dishes served here offer a taste of the classical Hungarian Cuisine to the Hotel's guests and other visitors, in a new vision.


The result of the interior design is linked to the interior designer, Somlai Tibor who made a deep research over the profile of the venue. This is how Pest-Buda turned out to be a Cool, Loose, Classical bistro and a rustic, Luxurious boutique hotel in the Buda Castle District.

The rooms' walls are decorated with Hungarian contemporary artworks, rustic oak tree walls, and oak tree flooring made by local artisans.

When I arrived to the Pest-Buda Hotel,they welcomed me with a Glass of Wine, and a sweet receptionist Girl showed me the hotel and explained everything, she was very kind:) 

My Beautiful Atelier Luxury Suite: 

The room is  characterized by a combination of Rustic and Modern style; in the suite a Smag cooler, Roberts radio, and two flat-screen LCD TVs make this luxury suite unique in Budapest.

The Suite was very Modern and Fashionable with an Amazing Design.
I was Amazed with the Suite, especially when I saw the Gorgeous Bathtub :)
What do you think about this Suite? 

They Use L'Occitane products in the Rooms:) One of my Fav Brand:)

I couldnt resist for the Welcoming Bathtub and I was super Tired, Since I arrived in Budapest my days were all about Running to places and sleeping 4-5 Hours. 
So I decided to have my Relaxing "Bath Time" just Me and my Favourite Book:)

For that Day, I didn't have anything special so, After the BathTub, I continued the Reading in my Bed and At 17:00 I fell asleep and awaked just Morning:) 
Morning I had a Good Breakfast at The Hotel's Restaurant, with Fresh Croissants, HomeMade Jams and Delicious Eggs Benedict:) Was Perfect:)

Later I had few meetings and Later I went to Try the Hotel's Restaurant, Pest-Buda Bistro.
This Restaurant and Many others are members of the Zsidai Group
I will talk a bit about this Group because I think it's Amazing what they are doing and their story :)

About The Zsidai Group:

"Gastronomy is our profession, but it is also our life’s passion. For decades we have made it our goal to resuscitate Hungarian cuisine and restore its glorious, pre-war reputation - a thrilling era when Károly Gundel and Auguste Escoffier were colleagues. Slowly, we are re-creating this story. It all began on Fortuna Street in Buda, where an elegant restaurant named Pierrot opened in 1982.
In 2017 twelve restaurants, Cafés, Terraces and Two hotels belong to the group. Each has its own personality both in cuisine and in design - in the Buda Castle Gastronomic Quarter and in downtown Pest.
In our restaurants and bars we welcome hundreds of thousands of guest every year providing high quality experiences. Our family and our approximately 300 colleagues have been working on bringing Hungarian gastronomy back to the the international frontline and making Budapest the best city in the world." 
 By Zsidai Family

The Pest-Buda Restaurant is very Sweet with Traditional Hungarian Dishes.
The Dishes were Delicious and Huge Portions, very Good prices.

For Starters I had The Homemade Duck Liver Paté,This was Sooo Good:)

"Hortobágyi Chicken Crépe with Paprika Sauce"
You have to Try this because it's Delicious and Very Traditional Hungarian Dish
(It's a salty Crépe with meat inside and Sauce) 

"Flamed Pie( Hungarian Pizza)  with Tomato and Eve Cheese"
This was sooo Crispy and Delicious, one of my Favourite Starters:)

After these 3 Starters I was kind of full, the Portions are really Big.
But I still had a Main Dish to Finish,I had the Fish with Prawns, Paprika Sauce with HomeMade Pasta ( Bacon and Cottage Cheese) 
This was Very Delicious but I couldn't finish, I had just a bit. 

I didn't have a Dessert as well because I was super full:) 
The Service was so Kind and Quick:)
If you are In Budapest, Buda Castle area, you have to Visit this Restaurant, Warm Athmosphere,Delicious Dishes and Very Good Price:)
Thank you Pest-Buda Restaurant for our Fantastic Dinner, next time I will try the Dessert for sure :) 

Next Day I had a lunch at 21 Hungarian Kitchen (which is a member of the Zsidai Group as well) 

About 21 Hungarian Kitchen:

"Hungarian cuisine from the "Good old Days" gets a modern update at 21. The dishes maintain all the rich flavors of their original preparations, but here they are lighter, celebrating fresh ingredients from the farmer's market. This is an old-fashioned, quality Hungarian restaurant re-imagine."

For Starters:

"Tokaj Wine Infused Foie Gras Paté with Brioche"
It was just Perfect, 5 Star Dish:) I think I will never get bored with Foie Gras:)

For Main, I had The  Fried  Roasted Duck Liver with homemade "Letcho" and Roasted Potatoes

My Friend Bogi had the "Chicken Paprikash" with buttered noodle dumpllings 
Everything was so Fresh and Delicious:) 
I really felt the Traditional and HomeMade flavour in Each Dish.

Ohh the Desserts were sooo Good tooo, I had the "Túrós Krémes" which is a layered cottage cheese pastry with fresh fruits :) It was soooo Good:) 

Bogi had the "Somlói" Sponge Cake, This was so Yummy tooo, you have to try both Desserts, you will love it, I promise:) 

We had such an Amazing and Lovely lunch with Bogi:)
I will come back for sure to this Restaurant as well:)
Thank you 21 Hungarian Kitchen for our Excellent Lunch:)

Pest-Buda Hotel is a really Unique and Sweet Hotel, I loved Everything:) 
If you visit Budapest, Don't miss  Pest-Buda Hotel, Pest-Buda Restaurant, 21 Hungarian Kitchen Restaurant:) Next time I will show you more Fantastic Restaurants from the Zsidai Group:) 
I would Like to thank Pest-Buda Hotel for my very Special Stay, I was In Love:)
Special thanks to Zsófia Máté for her help and kind attitude:)

Love, Open Kloset By Karina
"True Beauty Comes From Within"

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