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IMBUILDING: Unique Program, to Mastering your Feminity

Dear Lovelies,

Today I will show you a very Interesting Program, Training Course, from IMBUILDING.
When I red the first time the Program, I was sure that it was something very Important and Useful for every Women in the World.


The Founder Of  The Imbuilding Studio
Marina Matsui

"My mission has always been to create techniques for harmonizing all spheres of human life. Sexual and emotional spheres affect each other, enhancing the pleasure of communicating between partners, if these spheres are developed and mutually aligned. I wanted to create a place, where a modern woman can improve her intimate health, open up her natural sexuality, increase her sensitivity and improve the quality of her intimate life. That was the cornerstone in launching Imbuilding Studio several years ago."


They help women to harmonize physical, emotional and sexual health. Imbuilding  discovers in the Woman the source of her strength, beauty, freedom and sexuality. They offer quality education in the emotional and sexual sphere, which allows the woman to create a happy relationship with her partner, leading to mutual enjoyment.


Imbuilding Studio offers a comprehensive individual approach to every woman. Any course of training will begin for you with the procedure for diagnosing intimate health. Based on the diagnostic results, they will create an individual training program, taking into account your goals, wishes and peculiarities. 

Unique Program:

Imbuilding is an innovative author's technique for developing intimate muscles, comprehensive strengthening and maintaining woman's health, opening up the feminine essence and harmonizing all spheres of the Woman's life.

Imbuilding system is a training technique based on a variety of unusual but simple exercises. Regular performance of these exercises will bring your intimate muscles into their former form. Will give them tone, elasticity and will raise sensitivity, The power of female sexual magnetism lurks in health, good mood, good intent and right perception of life. You just need to make a small step to constant work on yourself.

About the Training Course
About Lovexpert System method

Imbuilding System methodology for women.
Training and development of the intimate pelvic floor

Lovexpert System is the method of development and training of the
intimate pelvic floor muscles. It was developed for every woman of any
age.With its help you would be able to save the youthfulness of your
body, feel lightness and self-confidence, learn to keep up your inner
energy level. The strength of woman's sexual magnetism is in her health,
good mood, nice attitude and proper life perception.

About Lovexpert System method

Imbuilding System is the methodology of development and training of
the intimate pelvic floor muscles. It was developed for every woman of
any age, and it helps to renew woman's health, protect her from many
contemporary diseases and also to improve the quality and frequency of
orgasms. Thanks to the training system every woman will be able to keep
her body young and easily controlled and learn to maintain her inner
energy reserve.
Imbuilding System is a training method based on large numbers of
uncommon, yet simple exercises, doing which your intimate muscles will
tone up and gain some elasticity. Also it will rise up the sensitivity level
because as you concentrate your attention and coordinate with the
intimate zone, the connection (innervation) between your brain and body
improves significantly.

We all know how healthy it is to do some sports. During the exercises you
get the dose of endorphins, get recharged, fit and feel way younger
because sport improves the work of our inner organs.
Our intimate muscles need some exercise too being actually the same as
all any other skeletal muscles (striated muscles). They are characterized
by contraction and relaxation. The muscles of inner organs are
completely different – nonstriated, smooth, distensible, automatic. For
example, the upper part of the vaginal canal, which is connected to the
uterus, is a smooth muscle. However, it is not related to pelvic floor
muscles training, i.e. muscle mass building.
The Imbuilding System training improves the work of ovaries, urogenital
glands and ciliated epithelium. If they're not working properly, many
women find it very hard to get pregnant. Lovexpert System is an artificial
immunomodulator that stimulates lymph movement and improves
immunity. The chronic vaginal yeast infection and cystitis are gone. The
premenstrual syndrome is easily gone as well, and the menstruation is no
such pain anymore.

Why do the intimate muscles need to be trained?

Even though humans evolve, it doesn't mean that the human body is used
to lack of movement. Our bodies are meant to move. That's the way our
health and energy are saved.
Have you heard of venous blood congestion in the small pelvis? Maybe
after this question you are going to be interested in your woman's health.
Because any congestion encourages diseases.
Many men and women live a sedentary lifestyle at work, after work in
their cars, then at home in front of their TVs or in cafes. To keep fit and
healthy, a human being should do those kinds of sports or movements that
are pleasant, like yoga, dancing, fitness, jogging. Each and every person
can find some active hobbies for themselves.
Speaking of pelvic floor muscles training for women, we pay a great
attention to them. Because in comfortable living lots of things depend
exactly on those. For instance, many women of different age can suffer
from such disease as urinary incontinence (weak muscles of the pelvic
floor). Over time it can provoke the prolapse of vaginal canal walls. The
decrease in sensitivity during the sexual intercourse can be provoked by
the weak muscles, too.
During practical training we have found out that it's common thing in
women to have lack of sensitivity in their intimate muscles. Such effect is
observed when big muscles are spasmed. For instance, muscles of the
core, legs or back. Hence, as it is showed by practice, all problems start
in the brain (stress, lifestyle, strict upbringing), then passed on to the
muscles, which create cramps or energetical blocks (Thomas Hanna).


Imbuilding System method is 90.5% effective for developing
sexuality, regaining sensitivity of intimate muscles, boosting the libido.
This method is meant to help treatment and prevention in the following

• Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles;
• Regaining the body sensorimotor ability;
• Boost of sensitivity of intimate muscles and libido;
• Increasing the frequency of orgasms and improving their quality;
• Functioning abnormalities of the urogenital system, urinary
• Painful menstruation;
• Frequent and chronic inflammations;
• Hemorrhoid;
• Weak pelvic floor muscles, prolapse of I degree;
• Helps to get pregnant;
• Delaying the climax.

Comprehensive Course Program:


Work with the vaginal egg exerciser.

Mastering the legendary Kegel exercises: working with the muscles of the pelvic floor without connecting auxiliary muscles

Training with the Laser exerciser, development of pelvic floor muscles and erogenous zones

Learn specially designed bioenergetic breathing practices (Thomas Hannah)

Mastering the basic exercise of yoga and imbuilding "Uddiyana Bandha".


Continue to train with  with Laser exerciser to development pelvic floor muscles and erogenous zones

Mastering the basic exercise of yoga and imbuilding "Nauli" (technique of penis and sperm suction, as well as prevention and treatment of pelvic organs prolapse)

Training with Gravity set


Exercises with the lower abdominal muscles

Mastering the "Wave" technique (the technique of bringing a man to an orgasm while sitting on him without thrusting movements)

Improve  "Uddiyana Bandha" and "Nauli" exercises to  master vagina suction techniques and other tricks

Mastering childbirth technique - exercises ease the pass of a fetus through a vagina.  Learned before conception! (These exercises are optional)


Exercises with a Gravity set. Will help to reduce vaginal volume and build muscle

Poses, tricks, manipulations to achieve orgasm

Techniques and tricks to control intimate muscles during sex

Sexual techniques, penis absorption, prolonged sexual intercourse


Strengthening skills and techniques

Mastering the training system after the course

Questions and Answers


Get a health prophylaxis or get rid of unpleasant diseases

You will feel desirable again and will notice increased interest  from close person and men

You will reduce vaginal volume and gain the sensitivity of erogenous zones

You will learn to stay relaxed during the sex and get pleasure 
Learn clitoral-vaginal orgasm

You will have more sexual desire and would want to devote more time to yourself and your loved one

Feel the enjoyment of life. Acquire fluidity of movements and natural grace

You will learn sexual techniques that help you feel light, self-confident and make your eyes shine

Here Is What You Get:






You can Order here the Training:

I think every Women should Surprise herself with this program:)
What do you think about this Training?
My opinion is that it's really Amazing and very very Useful :) This Program is a "Game Changer" and for us Women super Important.

Love, Kisses Open Kloset By Karina
Thank you for Reading my Post and for the Love:)
"True Beauty Comes From Within"




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