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Almost Weekend, do you have any Special Plans?
I'm a big fan of Unique Watches, what about you? 
Today on the blog I will show you URBAN MYSTIQUE COLLECTION from UNDONE Watches. This Collection includes 4 watches:





The Packaging is Beautiful and each watch came with an extra Black Strap.


We made a Professional Video about the Watches, Focusing on The MYSTIQUE NEPTUNE MYSTIQUE MERCURY.
You can check the Video here, let me know what you think:)

Few Important Informations about the Brand:

Established in 2014, UNDONE is the world’s leading custom watch label founded by a team of dedicated watch industry veterans. The core philosophy of the company is enabling everyone from all walks of life to create their unique personalized watch at a great value without sacrificing quality. By combining traditional watchmaking with modern-day technology, UNDONE grants people the power to narrate their perception of time through their tailor-made watches. The production of all UNDONE brand products is made in-house, allowing their team to have full control over every aspect that goes into the making of their unique watches.

Every timepiece is proudly made-to-order within Undone’s facilities. Integrated in-house operations include research and development for products and packaging, components production, assembly, quality control and fulfillment. The team believes this is the only way to democratize custom made products, which proudly reflects the UNDONE way of doing things.

UNDONE  Philosophy:

Michael Young, our founder, thinks that the definition of luxury in our modern society is twisted. People generally associate it with spending power. He disagrees. All top designer labels were once small, boutique in size. They all start with selling tailor-made bags and cases in small quantities, selling to the elites. That’s where luxury lies, it is all about things being tailor-made, customized to their end user’s preference. Nowadays, those brands are just leveraging their brand name to sell mass produced items while giving it a high price tag. Most consumers missed a very important point of luxury, which is the power and freedom of getting a product made in your way.


Undone has taken on a challenge to re-create a series of ‘Undone Made’ artisan gradient watch dials, which were popular back in the 1960s in European markets. Taking the ‘100% Undone’ approach, the team will reveal exclusive production footage of the Mystique dials, which involved a meticulous twelve step labor-intensive process, from start to finish. 


An eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon where celectial bodies align perfectly. Comprised of a radiant Sun bestowing life and Vitality and a solemn Moon for social Recharge, a perfect balance is achived. Shine with the Strength of a thousand Suns-Be Mysterious as the Dark side of the Moon.


Blue, a calming hue that resonates with Wisdom and Peace.
This color is popular amongst large Airlines for its association with Clear Skies.
Enter the Mercury, God of Eloquence and Commerce as it Guides you Through rough terrain.
Emrace the Mercurial Spirit-Exude Tranquility.


Green, a zesty hue that connects well with Nature and Youth.
This color is Ubiquitous in the Lush Nature, and Commonly represents Health and Spontaneity.
Enter the Neptune, God of seven Seas as its enduring Waves break barriers before you.
Be Steadfast yet Fluid-Be Like water.


Red,a crimson hue that embodies Strength and Vigor.
Commonly associated with Blood and Chinese Celebrations,it represents Brotherhood and Prosperity.
Enter the Mars,God of War Bequeathing you the relentless might to subdue your Foes.
Seize the Day-Conquer like the Fire.

Which watch is your Favorite? 
I love the Full Collection and the Idea about the Planets:)
I love the Boxes and the Design of the Watches is Beautiful.
My 2 Favorite are the Mercury & the Neptune:)

They Have 2 other Collections from the URBAN:  the URBAN Vintage & the URBAN Modern 

From the AQUA Collection:
Standard Custom AQUA  Cerakote Coated AQUA, Miltary AQUA .

These Collections are very Nice too:)

I would Like to thank to UNDONE Watches for my URBAN MYSTIQUE COLLECTION 
I really Love them! :)

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