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Dicaro Unique Baby Bandana Drool Bibs Review

Dear Lovelies,

Today I will share with you a very Nice brand, Dicaro, they have the cutest Baby Bibs. I know that I have many Mom Readers so this post will be exactly for them:)

Dicaro Unique Baby Bandana Drool Bibs, Unisex 8-Pack for Boys&Girls, 100% Cotton, Terry Cloth, Fleece Materials, Super Soft &Absorbent and Hypoallergenic Bibs,Includes 2 Baby Teethers

Being a mother is the most wonderful and happy moment in any woman’s life, but it’s the most challenging thing too! The baby becomes the centre of your universe and you want only the best for him! You want your baby be safe, healthy and to be protected from everything can harm him, you grow that little part of you with the greatest care and love, do your best! 

With Dicaro bibs your baby will feel comfortable and dry due to the gentle cotton Non-Velcro collar; will be protected from moisture and irritation thanks to double layered design: soft, 100% Cotton and absorbent Polyester Fleece, and breathable French Terry backing.

    Also, your baby will look Adorable with Dicaro Trendy, Stylish and Unique prints: 8 different colours will be a perfect match to any of baby’s outfits.You'll get compliments for modern baby's look and you'll do charming baby pictures for the family album.

    You will avoid any nickel-based allergic reaction, because Dicaro bibs have 3 Nickel – Free snap closures (most bibs only feature a 2 snap collar) that let them be an ideal fit your baby’s neck from 0 to 36 months, enjoy your baby growing!

   More than that, Dicaro offers you 2 cute and nice teethers to relief the teething pain and interesting, helpful  “101 Tips and Tricks for parents” to keep your baby save and happy! We hope you will appreciate and enjoy our gift!


The Dicaro Baby Drool Bib Set comes with 3 different types of bibs for different situations and weather. All of them are made with soft, hypoallergenic & absorbent 100% organic cotton in front, but: 3 baby bibs feature a Terry Cloth backing - to cool your baby off during warm weather; 3 baby bibs have an extra absorbent Fleece backing - to keep your baby’s clothing dry & 2 baby bibs with teethers to calm irritated gums during teething.


At Dicaro, we pay a lot of attention to every detail to ensure all bibs protect your baby’s soft and sensitive skin. Our baby drool bibs also feature 3 nickel-free safe and secure snaps instead of 2, so you can easily adjust the size of the bib on your growing baby girl or boy.

Our baby bandana drool bibs feature 8 different beautifully designed styles that will not only make your baby look super cute, but are also handy and comfortable on your baby. Unisex designs will look awesome on your little baby boy or girl.


The Dicaro baby drool bibs will be a perfect gift for many occasions like: Baby Showers, Baby Birthday parties, Baby Registry, or any other special moment. It is the only set that includes 2 baby teethers and 2 of 8 bibs feature a loop on the side, so you can easily attach the teether to it. This makes it easy for you or your baby to put the teether back into your baby’s mouth and avoid falling onto the ground.

100% RISK – FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE to let you buy with confidence and A PROOF OF OUR CARE: you will receive a fun and useful set of advises, to help you venture into the world of parenting: “101 Tips and Tricks for Happy Parents and Kids”. Dicaro strives to offer you the highest quality accessories for your baby and we are sure that you’ll be pleasantly impressed with our baby bandana drool bibs, but, if for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied, please contact us for a full refund.


Love the Design, and the Quality is just Amazing, definitely worth the price 

(Only 16.90 $)
They are just sooo adorable :) I was melting watching the Dicaro baby bibs:)
They look sooo Stylish, The Feather and the Blue designs are my Favorites:)
What do you think about these cute Baby Bibs? They are super cute:)
You can shop here Dicaro Baby Bibs
Thank you for Reading my Post and for the Love:)

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