Monday, 26 November 2018


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Wishing you all Happy Weekend. Today on the BlogI will Show you my Experience with SENSICA HAIR REMOVAL Device. I always wanted to try out Hair Removal machines what you can use at home. I was searching on Amazon and I really liked the Design and everything about the SENSICA  one.

Sensica's Hair Removal Set - Sensilight Mini 100 + Sensilight post treatment body milk. 

A Home Machine, Using IPL Technology. Great Body And Facial Hair Remover. 

Can Be Used On The Leg, Face, Back & Chest, Bikini Line, Underarms

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Love The Packaging, and the User Guide is very detailed.Very easy to understand each steps:) I think this is very Important, especially if it is a Device.
The Shipping was Quick and Safe, The product arrived in 100 % Excellent conditions.

It is Super  easy to use and after 8 Treatments you will have very Good Results. I am very Curious ad I will share my Final Results with you :)

The Price, Very Good, If I compare to a Salon/Treatment price, what money I have to Spend to treat all the areas what I want, it would be Sooo expensive.
The price is 174.99 $ with 25% off % DISCOUNT NOW.


Now that I have at home this Device, I can use when I want ( Following the User Guide)
Super Comfortable, Right?  Did you ever tried similar Hair Removal Device? What was your Experience?

I am 100% satisfied with the Device so Far, I tested, and now I am waiting for the Next Session, what I can use after 2 weeks :)

GREAT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN ON YOUR FACE AND UNDER THE EYES, this is very important because I do have very Sensitive skin for example.

Love that you can Treat yourself from your own living room or bedroom:) 

You get a Cream, what you have to use after each treatment. The Cream Smells soo Good and feels Good to put after the Treatment.

The Price is Very Good, you have to Buy only once and you will have Forever.
The high-capacity lamp can produce up to 100,000 flashes, which means you’ll never have to worry about refill cartridges
The price is 174.99 $ with 25% off % DISCOUNT NOW.
I am very Curious about my Final Results:) I will update you all, I promise:)

You can check here some Videos about the SENSICA HAIR REMOVAL SET:

Would you like to try SENSICA HAIR REMOVAL?

If you have any questions feel free:) 

Kisses Open Kloset By Karina
Thank you for Reading my Post and for the Love:)

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