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I love taking Relaxing Bath with special Oils, and you?  Did you ever tried or heard about  Essential Oils Bath Candles for Tub? Candle & Bath Oil in one, Sounds Amazing, Right?
Céleste Paris has 2 Super Interesting products: Vanilla Cream Scented Bath Candles Aromatherapy Pillow Spray for Sleeping. Both products are just Amazing:)

Céleste Paris Bath Oil Candle & My Opinion,Thoughts:

I always wanted a practical Essential Oil Candle, because During my travel, for me is super important to have a Good Relaxing Bath.
I just love Weekly one time, having a Nice Bath with Candles, Some Essential Oils, with a book. This Special Time Recharges my Batteries.

Now with Céleste Páris Candles, I can have this experience all in one. How Amazing?
This multifunctional Candle melts to Essential Oils,and I can have all the Relaxing & Healthy Benefits while enjoying my Book & a Relaxing Bath. After this Unique Journey all my Stress are gone...:)

I used many Essential Oils before, but never tried Candle which melts to Bath Oil and I can simply put in to my Thub. Amazing Idea:)

I think, it is much more easier, since I love to put candles around my Bath Tub, and Céleste Paris Candles will melt to my Bath Water and I can have the Most Unique Experience, In Body, Mind and Soul.

This Product is just Amazing, Perfect Gift for Every Women, We all Deserve our “Own Relaxing Time” I am sure you know what I mean:)
The Smell of the Candles are Sooo Good, I am a big fan of Vanilla. And you?

You can use the Candle around 18-22 Hours, which is enough long if I compare to the Price.

Do you like to have Relaxing Bath with Candles, Essential Oils?

Do you know all the Benefits and 

Why it is so important to use Oils, Sea Salt etc in your Bath Water?

If you are not familiar with all the benefits, I will share you some important what I think are Fantastic:

Essential oils are most commonly used in the practise of aromatherapy.

They are either inhaled, or diluted then rubbed on the skin.

Essential oils can stimulate areas of your limbic system, which is a part of your brain

Boost your Energy and Improve Your Mood

Boost Immunity, Blood Circulation 

Helps to Sleep more Deep, Relaxed


ONLY 17,97 $


The Other Product from Céleste Páris is a Pillow Spray for Sleep:

Did you ever heard about Pillow Sprays?
How they work? The Benefits?

Many people struggle with Sleeping, Including me.Sometime it is very difficult to fall asleep for me, My head is full of plans and what I have to do in the next day. I have a Very busy Life...
I am sure I am not the only one who has this problem:) We are all Busy,Working hard, doing many things at the same time...

This Pillow Spray has many Benefits and will help you to fall asleep Quicker, to have a more Deep, Relaxed Sleep,so the Next Day you will wake up Fresh, With full of Energy.

Céleste Páris Pillow Spray will help to Relax your Body and Mind and Give you a Perfect Night Sleep.Sounds Good, Right?

Love the Elegant, Beautiful Packaging, and It is super Easy to use.

How to Use?
Before sleep, just spray on your Pillow, and you are done:) Easy, Right?
The Results will be Amazing, Next morning, when you wake up, you will feel the Difference:)

The Scent of the Spray is So Good, I use to Fresh the Air as well to Give a good Fresh Smell to the Areas in my House.

It Gives a very Nice Smell to my House.
The Product is made in France, Paris,Top Quality, the price is Affordable.

Céleste Páris, use the Best Ingredients, Top Quality, made in France, Páris.

Did you ever tried Pillow Spray for More Deep and Relaxed Sleeping?
Do you have any troubles with falling asleep?



I am 100% Happy with both products, I think they are just So Useful for our Health, Body, Mind & Soul.
Do you agree with me?

Love the Quality, the Packaging of both Products, and the Smells are just Amazing.
Perfect Scents for my taste.

Love that, both Products are Multifunctional, The Candle Melts in to Oils, it is not just a Candle and the Spray I can use to Refresh the Air in my House.

After Using the Pillow Spray I noticed that I sleep much better, I fall asleep Quicker, and Morning I feel more Recharged.

Aromatherapy is a very Effective way, and Céleste Paris Candles, Pillow Spray has this Very Great Benefit.
Aromatherapy is all about Healing the most Natural way Your Body, Mind and Soul.
I love to Use Aromatherapy products, they are the Best.
Both products are available on Amazon.
The Photos are from Céleste Páris Amazon Site.If you have any Questions, feel free:)

Love, Kisses Open Kloset By Karina
Thank you for Reading my Post and for the Love:)

"True Beauty Comes From Within"

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