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Wishing you all Amazing Week:) Do you prefer to Give customized Gift? 
Yesterday,I was searching some Gift Ideas for my friend, she has a Small Cute baby, and I found a very Uniqe online Shop Pawlibra, where you can buy the Cutest Customized Gifts: Blankets, Pillows, 
Led-Lamps,acessories:)You can personalize any of Pawlibra gifts to give a present with a Unique Touch:)
I think, Personalized gifts are perfect for any gifting occasion and they are much more Unique, Right?

ABOUT PAWLIBRA SHOP: is the world's leading expert for customized products.

The personalized gift is the one that gets passed around at the party! It makes you feel good to give, and it's even more special to receive!

All of our crew have been hand-picked because of their exceptional knowledge and passion. The majority of the designs we offer were created by our team of talented artists, and available only on our website.

We set a very high standard when we went looking for a suitable place to make our customized products. We wanted to find a place that would be able to make our product to the highest standards of quality, a luxury product we could offer to the market at everyday prices. After visiting over a hundred factories, we found our perfect match with the combination of quality and personal attention of the owners when we met our local partner and saw what their team of artisans could make. Once we made the decision, we joined forces to make it possible to not only get the highest quality customized production, but also ones you could design yourself.

All of the products in our specialized line are made to the highest sustainable practices, using premium materials with a known provenance. The premium materials we use are from Germany and Japan.


The Site is very Nice and you can search By topics like OCCASION:
New Baby, Birthday, Wedding, Mother´s Day

Or RECIPIENTS:Gifts for Him, Gifts for Her, Gifts for Kids, Gifts for Pet Lovers

What products do they have on the site?

They have, Blankets, Pillows, Led-Lamps, Accessories. I really Loved the Blankets & the Pillows:) They are sooo Unique:)

I will show you some of my Favourites from each product type and after what I decided to order:) I am sure my friend will Love:)



They have many many Sweet Blanket Designs,and of course you can Custumize them:)

These Unicorn Hoodie Blankets are just Toooo Cute:


These Animal Prints are so Lovely too:)




I really Love the Pillows and Blankets:) I think they are super Cute Gifts:) The Animal Prints, The Unicorns are my Favs:)

I decided to order these ones with customized Name, What you think?:

What do you think about Pawlibra Shop?

They have sooo Lovely things:) Right?

Thank you for Reading my Post and for the Love:)

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